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Privacy Policy

In accordance with the organic Law 3/2018 of Data Proteccion of 5/12 (LOPD) and the Regulation developed in the Royal Decree Law of 27/772018 (RGPD), the user is informed that voluntarily uses the telephone, postal mail and email to contact IMPEES ROLDÁN SL on the politics of collection and treatment IMPEES ROLDÁN SL of personal user data on the Site web.

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection has considered personal data, any numerical, alphabetical, graphic, photographic, sound or any other concerning an identified or identifiable natural person information.

Any processing of personal data on the website will be applicable the provisions of the Data Protection Act and RDLOPD on protection of personal data.

This Privacy and Protection of Personal Data contained all aspects related to the processing of personal data IMPEES ROLDÁN SL performed as the data on the Website. If after reading this policy the user continue using the Website, you are expressing it this Privacy and Protection of Personal Data acceptance. Otherwise, the user does not agree to this policy must leave the Website.

1 Identity and address of the controller.

The responsible data processing entity data IMPEES ROLDÁN SL based in Calle B # 142 Nave 3 and 4 Polygon Fridex, Alcalá de Guadaíra is responsible for the processing of personal data that the user provides IMPEES ROLDÁN SL website.

2 Purpose of the collection and processing of personal data.

The user accessing the Web Site is not required to provide their personal data; therefore, any release of personal data is transferred because the user has voluntarily decided to navigation or customized use of the services of the Website.

Query Form: the user that the Web site one forms through which users' personal data are collected are reported. In this communication forms through which IMPEES ROLDÁN SL informs the purpose of the collection and processing of personal data provided by the user as well as his rights, pursuant to the provisions of Law is included.

When the user does business within IMPEES ROLDÁN SL, must take into account and is reported to be sending a letter or e-mail to IMPEES ROLDÁN SL, and communication by the user IMPEES ROLDÁN SL of any personal data involves the provision of their free, unequivocal, specific, informed and express consent to the processing of personal data IMPEES consent ROLDÁN SL in order to address and answer the query received from the user. Otherwise, if the user does not authorize the collection and processing of personal data for this purpose, shall refrain from sending any mail or email and provide your personal data to IMPEES ROLDÁN SL on the Website.

3 Update.

The user is the only source of information on your personal data, so it asks the user in order to keep your personal data and updated at all times, communicate IMPEES ROLDÁN SL any variation thereof in address indicated in this Privacy Policy and data Protection for the exercise of rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition.

4 Rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition.

At any time, you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by writing to IMPEES ROLDÁN Fridex SL at Calle Diez, 28, Alcalá de Guadaíra, stating your name, address for notification, date and signature of the petition and accompanying photocopy of identity card or passport or other valid identification document and those documents relating to the application being made, if any.

5 Security measures taken on the processing of personal data.

The user IMPEES ROLDÁN SL has adopted, according to the LOPD and RDLOPD, reported the necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of personal data and prevent alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access nature, given the state of technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks they are exposed, whether from human action or the physical or natural environment.

6 User Recommendations.

IMPEES ROLDÁN SL recommends the user to use the latest versions of software for Internet browsing, because these programs incorporate additional safety measures.

IMPEES ROLDÁN SL also recommends the user to use the security mechanisms at its disposal (secure web servers, cryptography, digital signature, firewall, etc.) to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your personal data to the extent that you find necessary, as there are risks of impersonation or violation of communication.

IMPEES ROLDÁN SL reminds users that the Internet is not secure. However, there are different ways that let you enhance the protection of your personal data is developed. In this regard, the user is encouraged to use any means at their disposal to protect their personal data and communications, such as encryption legally available for confidential e-mail, and access codes to your own PC.

IMPEES ROLDÁN SL warns the user that whenever you give out personal information online through email, newsgroups, discussion forums, etc., be aware that this information may be collected and processed for purposes unintended by the user, what IMPEES ROLDÁN SL recommends that the user is informed about confidentiality and privacy policies of the sites you visit online.

IMPEES ROLDÁN SL warns the user that unless encryption mechanisms use the Internet email is not secure. The mail and discussion forums may be subject to forgery and impersonation, which must be taken into account provided they are used. If the user does not want to publish your email address, you must configure your browser not to leave your email address in the web servers that you access.

7 Update the policy.

Any changes to this policy will be posted on the website, considering the user that the processing of personal data is governed, in those cases in which provide IMPEES ROLDÁN - by the established and norms in the time has provided personal data to IMPEES ROLDÁN SL

In any case it will be your responsibility to periodically access this Privacy and Protection of Personal Data published IMPEES ROLDÁN SL to always know the latest.


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