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Stations Low Cost Services

1We have extensive experience in the installation and maintenance of stations. Gas Stations in Spain have relied on our work getting very positive results.(read more)

IMPEES Roldán, SL, is constituted in SEVILLA, lies the headquarters since 1994 Our company provides appropriate and effective at internalizing, especially European standards SOLUTIONS, assuming problems arising from the needs that arise.

Main purpose: to place ourselves in the Group Companies Attending demand Market Facilities and Equipment Maintenance Service and any other installation Liquid petroleum products with optimum price-quality combination of all.

We have company approval as EP-IIIR in ITC-04 - ITC-03 as "installation company, restorative and maintainer of warehouse, distribution and sale of liquid petroleum products (PPL) and the procedure used in leak detection, repair of metal tanks and leak testing, obtaining administrative approval in the Andalusian region with # 3 and in the autonomous community of Extremadura with nº6 "

IMPEES, SL also possesses Company Registration Certificate and the right of use of AENOR Registered Company No. ER-04927271999 dated 02/06/1999, according to the UNE-EN ISO 9001, in the field of Petroleum Products liquids with a range in Mechanical Installations Service stations Retail New Building, Remodeling Mechanics in Active Service Stations and Tank Cleaning and Degassing Facilities.

We have a team of professionals with extensive experience and technical qualifications, as Authorized Installers PPL with IP-III collegiate and Industrial Engineers category, plus Welders, Plotters, Assemblers, Electronic, and professional management.


2Concern for the environment, the habitat in which we live has transcended the strictly scientific dimensions to reach the common man. Environmental problems are no longer considered as the fatalist view ...(read more)


3We provide updated information for who knows what may be the best solution for your needs rules. Our services include technical and strategic advice. (read more)