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Cookies Policy

This site uses cookies to help themselves to our customers navigate through our website in addition to sharing certain content through social networks.

What are cookies?
Cookies are pieces of data that are stored in the user's browser, to provide further information about this web server, allowing remember certain settings and information about the user, achieving greater customization and behavior analysis same.

What the law requires?
From April 1, 2012, legislation on advertising and e-commerce includes rules on the treatment of cookies on websites mandatory for any company or individual that has a website.

That legislation requires owners of websites to clearly inform and obtain the consent information by the user for the use of this technology on websites.

Cookies to use our website

Our site uses the following types of cookies:

Cookies techniques. This site uses cookies for internal use for the proper functioning of the website.
Cookies used by social networks. On this website have been included social networking buttons that allow users to share content of interest in your social circle. These buttons do not have access to data entered by users to share content in a social network.
Analytics cookies. This site uses Google Analitycs to gather statistics on user activity when visiting and general activity in the same. The information collected is anonymous.


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