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Concern for the environment, the habitat in which we live has transcended the strictly scientific dimensions to reach the common man. Environmental problems are no longer considered as the fatalist and imaginary vision of a few contrary to progress but have gone on to become a problem that affects us all. Every day we read in the press and with clear environmental content ourselves begin to be aware of changes in the weather.

For all this, in Impees Roldan, SL have a department dedicated to the environmental approach, we make reports and studies on the impact of technology on the environment. This way we want to be the last to advise our clients properly in the development of professional activities.

Besides, in Impees Roldan, S.L. work to be at the forefront of the safest and most environmentally safe technology.

We carry out all necessary studies for the impact on the environment as low as possible. We are committed to protecting the ecosystem and everything around us.


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