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Tank repair


With the passage of time and mainly due to the corrosion, metal tanks can be severely damaged by a high water table levels, burials with sulfated sands, to the extent they appear fuel leaks or ingress of water in inside the tank.


In general, coating tanks (tank lining) is possible in all types of steel tank.

A tank coating is resistant to all chemicals detrimental factors occurring in the tank.
A tank lining is one hundred percent waterproof, whenever installed professionally.
Coating work can in principle be carried out immediately after cleaning the tank.
The cleaning and coating can be performed consecutively.
The validity of periodic testing, reflected in the ITC-MI-IP 04 standard, indicates that after repair the tank, this is exempt from testing during the 10 years following.



Conversion simple tank wall is double the original deposit incorporate an interstitial chamber through a lining of resins reinforced with a three dimensional fiber fabric resistant to corrosion and all existing glass fuels market.

With the processing of single wall tank in double walled tanks and along with the installation of a leak detector of permanent pollution of the surrounding ground or the existing liquid is prevented, in case there is a leak or fault in both walls .

If the outer wall of the tank agujerease, contention would coating before reaching PARABEAM mesh fabric. Interstitial PARABEAM chamber maintains internal metal outer tank wall passive protection.

In the case of perforation of the inner chamber, you can turn to place a new primary coating in interstitial camera and put a new coating, which is reset again the double wall.

Both the first wall, interstitial camera like the second wall, form a unique system of one body, as everything is identical epoxy resins and fiberglass complying with UNE 53991 for adhesion.

Interstitial monitoring system camera with a permanent leak detection completely eliminates the risk of contamination of land and groundwater. Thus it is not necessary to perform periodic tightness testing with savings involved.


Calibex is a new laser system calibration 3D art technology applied for the first time in the world. Continuing improvements we can make in our tank, we offer a truly innovative product for recalibration of these tanks. Tanks repaired or converted to double wall may have been altered in form or capacity losses. To correct this problem, we have the best technology recalibration tanks, 3D Calibex.

Doubts and FAQ

1 What is the calibration of a tank?

It is the process of creating tables calibrated to millimeters liter fuel tanks. This is achieved by finding out the total capacity of the tank, or the corresponding partial capacities at different heights.

2 Why is it so important calibration tank?

Errors in the calibration tables in accounting errors originate the content volume of the tank, and therefore that commercial transactions and payments are subject to litigation and discussions. The problems faced by these errors are very difficult, and sometimes impossible to solve without loss by one of the parties involved. Our system Calibex 3D high precision and accuracy ensures complete confidence in the calibration tables of their tanks.

3 What methods are used?

Manual calibration, automatic calibration (SIR), 3D Laser Calibration Calibex.

4 Which system is the most recommended?

Undoubtedly the laser method that provides 3D Calibex. This method provides a high accuracy, speed, minimum infrastructure requirements and applications and a guaranteed results.

5 How does it work?

It is a system consisting of a data analysis software covering 3D visual algorithms and mathematical processes in addition to the mechanical robotics, electronic circuit designs with the latest technology, laser technology and optical measurement applications, etc.

6 How long will it take?

After installing Calibex in a manhole in the tank, tank calibration measurements can be taken up to 30 minutes.

7 What level of accuracy and reliability provide results Calibex 3D?

Calibex has a margin of error of between 0.002 and 0.009. Laboratory and field tests, the maximum sensitivity possible today is no better than 0.002 (two per thousand) for the detection of volumetric uncertainty. In all laboratory and field results Calibex accuracy are between 2 ‰ and 9 ‰ (per thousand). These values ​​are guaranteed uncertainty.

8 What guarantee do the results of the measurement performed?

The accuracy of the results of measurements Calibex can be checked with the sales data pump / tank. The Calibex application is 100% guaranteed.

9. The calibration process involves the excavation, construction work etc?

Under normal conditions, no construction or excavation within or outside the tank are required.

10 Will I have to stop selling fuel during measurements?

Not at all. Only recommended stopping the pumps that are connected to the tank at that point is to be calibrated.

11 What kind of report provided?

The calibration tables can be provided in PDF, Excel, CSV, text files.

12 Can the system operate in accordance with different automation systems tanks?

The system can generate data conforming to all automation systems known tanks. Veeder Root, INCOM, etc.

13 Do you have certificates of compliance?

Calibex has ATEX - ATEX certified O44X IEF 11. Calibex was certified after explosive testing, demonstrating that can operate safely even when the tank contains shaped fuel.

14 What should the service stations do before the start of the calibration Calibex?

A connection A 2 is required "to install the Calibex, and an empty space around its own axis 15 cm, and the tank to be calibrated should contain a maximum of 30% fuel. For accuracy and quality, the tank should be as empty as possible.

15 What are the differences from other methods?

On the side of the gas station that does not require additional costs for emptying and filling of fuel tanks and therefore minimizes security risks during these operations. Calibex generates much more accurate and consistent results using laser technology. Because the process takes place very quickly, minimizing downtime for refueling.


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